The history of slot machines

Modern slot machines and other games that we used to see in the best online casinos that payout appeared a long time ago. Our ancestors played gambling long before the advent of the casino. The cave paintings of Ancient Egypt depict people throwing bones. Gambling is spoken of in the myths of ancient Greece. The Bible also mentions various types of betting and casting lots. In later periods, gambling is mentioned by many authors in the literature.

Dice, cards, lots and bets were an integral part of that time. The time of the origin of gambling. But what is the history of modern slot machines?

The first machine for the game was invented in Britain in 1887. It accepted a small coin as a payment, but the owner of the establishment paid the winnings to the players. The jackpot slot machine was developed in America in 1888. The jackpot on these machines was paid on the principle of accumulation. Winning spilled into the tray when the weight of the coins became higher than a certain value. However, it turned out that it was possible to get a jackpot on such a machine using physical force.

The history of slot machines

Spinning reels appeared at slot machines in 1890. Five playing cards were depicted on the reels. Coins were thrown into the machine, forcing the reels to move, and the owner, as before, paid the winnings.

In 1905, a mechanic from America, Charles Fey, developed the famous LibertyBell slot machine. This invention is popularly called the “one-armed bandit” and has become a classic mechanical gaming machine. The design of this slot machine had three parallel discs with numbers. The player dropped a coin into the machine and pulled the lever, driving the disks in motion. When the drums stopped, the numbers were combined.

Since then, slot machines have begun to gain popularity. They were installed in drinking establishments. In alcohol intoxication, people lost a large amount. The first addicts appeared. In this regard, the US authorities tried to ban slot machines. Slot machine developers were looking for a way to confront the authorities.

In 1910, slot machines were replaced by chewing gum machines. They worked on the principle of LibertyBell. A man who wanted to get chewing gum threw a coin into the machine. Pulling the lever, the buyer plus chewing gum could receive a cash prize. The discs depicted fruits, symbols of the chewing gum tastes.

Gradually, the production of slot machines was simplified, materials became cheaper. At the same time, they tried to make the appearance as colorful as possible, attracting attention. In 1931, themed gaming machines LionHead, WarEagle, and RomanHead were released. In addition to the appearance, these machines have a double jackpot.

Now slot machines, as a rule, have 5 reels. Each drum has its own set of images, combinations of which determine the win. You can also win a record jackpot. It is progressive and regular. The progressive jackpot is growing. Its amount is collected based on the data of several slot machines.

Modern slots and games “move” to the Internet. Access to them has become easier, and the content is much cheaper. At the moment, slot machines that work on 5 reels are gaining popularity. If we compare them with the old version, which worked on 3, then we can highlight some features. Nevertheless, if you look at the situation as a whole, then the popularity of slots only grows every year. Here, each player has the opportunity to win the jackpot, and the probability of losing your money is minimal. So if you have a desire to plunge into the atmosphere of excitement with minimal risks, then slot machines will be the most optimal option.

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