Canada Casino’s FAQ


Many of the questions I receive by e-mail are the same from visitor to visitor. Before you Contact Me in order to ask a question, please check if your question is already answered in this FAQs section where answers to the most common questions are given.

What is your name and what is your background?

My name is Jesper Nielsen. I am 31 years old and I have been playing regularly at online casinos since 2000. I do not have a background in the online casino industry. My approach and qualifications for writing this guide is that I am an experienced player who would like to share my knowledge with newcomers to the scene.

Why have you written this guide?

When I started playing online eight years ago there were only a few informative web sites that introduced new players to the world of online casino gambling. Unfortunately, not much has changed in eight years. Today there are thousands of casino sites, but very few are informative. The average casino site has lots of fancy slogans, lots of casino commercials and very little or no real content. That has inspired me to try and make a website that is different and unique. My goal is to make an informative website that introduces new players to the world of online casino gambling and points towards the best online casinos based on relevant criteria. I hope I have succeeded.

What should I do if I feel that I have been cheated by an online casino?

First of all you should make sure that you have a legitimate complaint. Read the casino’s terms and conditions and all communication between you and the casino again. Have you followed the T&C’s and fulfilled the wagering requirements? If so, you should contact the casino through its customers support and explain exactly how the casino has acted unfairly and what actions you would like them to take in order to solve the problem. Many problems and misunderstandings can be solved this way. If your complaint cannot be solved this way, you should consider involving a mediator. If the problem involves a casino you have signed up to through links at this site, please Contact Me and I will try to act as a mediator between you and the casino. If your problem involves other casinos, you should go to the Pitch A Bitch section at the casino watchdog site Casinomeister. The Casinomeister has contact to most online casinos and years of experience as a mediator between players and casinos.

Shall I pay taxes of my online casino winnings if I am living in Canada?

TaxesTax rules are different from country to country. It is therefore impossible to give a general answer to this question. In many countries winnings (withdrawals – deposits) are subject to some form of income tax. In others they are not. Online casinos do not send information about winnings to your local tax office, so it is up to yourself to find out how much you should pay in taxes. I recommend that you contact your local tax office if you have questions regarding tax rules in your country.

When I enter an online casino’s website, how can I see if it is reputable?

It is very difficult to judge an online casino by looking at its website. A rogue casino can have an just as informative and professional looking website as an honest casino. There are some good signs to look out for though. It is a good sign if the casino uses a well-known software brand like Microgaming, Playtech or Cryptologic. That way you know that the casino games are fair. It is also a good sign if the casino is approved by eCOGRA and/or checked by independent auditors. This indicates that the casino is setting high standards for their casino operation. It is also a good sign when casinos are willing to share lots of information about themselves on their website and through their customers support. Contact information and maybe even pictures of the casino staff indicates that the casino has nothing to hide.
There are also bad signs. Some casinos use false icons that are supposed to link to auditor’s reports, government agencies or watchdog organizations, but when you click on the icons there is nothing to see. Casinos that use such tricks to make them look reputable should be avoided. If they use such tricks, chances are that it is not the only tricks they are capable of. You should also be suspicious towards a casino if their terms and conditions are unclear. Unclear T&C’s leave room for interpretation and history has shown that some rogue casino managements abuse this to their advantage. You should also be alerted if a casino offers far better bonuses/incentives than the rest of the industry. As the old saying goes: If it looks to good to be true, it most likely is.
Even though these signs can give you an indication of whether a casino is reputable or not, you should do more research before you sign up at an online casino. You cannot decide if a casino is reputable just by looking at its website, just as you cannot judge a book by its cover. Make some searches on the casino’s name on the major search engines and check if the casino is mentioned on the blacklists and forums I provide links to in the Rogue Casino Tricks section. Reading about other player’s experiences with a certain casino can help you find out if the casino is reputable or not.

I have just been offered a brilliant betting system. Should I buy it?

No, you should not spend money on betting systems no matter how promising they might seem. “Betting systems”are either scams that fail to live up to their promises or a collection of gambling tips that can be read on sites like mine for free. The magical betting system that guarantees that you will win does not exist.

I had a bad session yesterday. Am I more likely to have a good session today?

No, you are not. The casino software does not remember if you won or lost yesterday. If you play at online casinos that uses software with fair and random outcomes, then your odds are just the same when you play today as they were when you played yesterday. But hopefully you will have better luck!!!

Have you become a rich man by running this casino guide?

No, this site is not a gold mine. I receive an amount when players sign up at the recommended casinos, but when my expenses are paid, there is not much left. Luckily I have gotten to know a lot of people who share my passion for online casino gambling. That is the primary way I have been enriched by operating this website.